“Immediately” your beloved vehicle will be effectively protected with a deep brilliant shine that is dust-free, dirt-free and easy to maintain.

Nano is one thousandth of a micron. V2 NANO CERAMIC SPRAY COATING contains nanometer silicon dioxide and is formulated with high-tech nanosol technology. Ultrafine nano particles effectively penetrate the surface capillaries, fill the holes. A protective film is formed on the surface, effectively blocking dust and dirt from penetrating into the pores causing stubborn dirt that is difficult to clean.  Dust, dirt, and dead bugs attached to the coated surface can be easily removed and cleaned. The protection can last 90 to 180 days or more (the actual time depends on the environment and the subsequent cleaning solution used)


This product does not contain wax. It is a special water-based formula that overcomes the problem that general sealers cannot be used in the front windshield of the car. After spraying, it quickly reacts with the substrate to form a film. It can be used on car bodies, aluminum rings, plastics, rubber, and glass.

※ Due to the special water-based formula used in the V2 Ceramic Spray Coating, when applied on the front windshield, it will not cause the windshield wipers to “skid” or “hop” as the general water repellents do.

Multiple application methods. In order to achieve good results, the vehicle must be cleaned before spraying.

After the vehicle is cleaned, wipe the vehicle dry, and then spray the sealing agent directly on the vehicle surface ( onece spray area around 60 x 60 cm ). After spraying, use a microfiber to wipe the sprayed surface to ensure the V2 is spread evenly.  after 30~45 minuts will produce a good and long-lasting effect.


After a period of use, the car may have dirt attached to it, and the surface coating layer seems to have lost its effect. It is the accumulation of dirt adhered on the surface.  You can choose our "XTreme Car Shampoo" neutral powerful cleaning agent to clean and restore its proper effect.

"XTreme Car Shampoo" is a neutral formula of surfactants.  It is natural formulated, effective in cleaning, degreasing, will not hurt the car paint, bites paint, does not dewax, and retains the wax that has been previously applied to the car or coating.

Scope of application: Auto / motorcycle body, plastic, aluminum ring, automobile glass, household glass.

Cautions : 

  • Please apply in a place with good ventilation. Avoid breathing the fume.

  • Do not work in the sun or strong wind and dusty environment

  • Do not drink or inhale the chemical. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Seek medical assistance immediately.

  • Store in a cool place, out of direct sunlight, and avoid high temperature places (below 40 ° C), out of reach of children.

  • Do not place the product easily reachable by children to avoid accidental eating.

  • In case of eye or face contact with the chemical, wash with plenty of water. Seek medical assistance immediately.

  • Do not dilute this sealant by yourself.  You may lose the effectiveness of chemical.