Effectively remove rust and iron powder attached to the car.


"Weak acid pH6". Weak acid is very common in our lives. Generally, if it touches the skin, it will not cause harm, although each person is different. It is necessary to pay attention to personal safety protection when using it.

Most people have many misunderstandings about "acid". In fact, there are many types of "acid". The acidic materials we use are not the highly corrosive acidic materials that everyone knows.

Basically, Iron Powder Remover can only remove and react on iron rust particle. It will not remove materials such as asphalt, over paint, cement, and glue.

Application methods:

1. Wash and dry the car first.

2. Spray the iron powder remover on the surface of the car. Wait 5 to 10 minutes. Generally, the iron particle will react with the iron remover and change to a purple color in about 30 seconds. "The purple reaction is the chemical reaction of the iron ions with the iron-removing agent”.

3. Rinse the surface with water. Use a cleaning agent to wipe with a sponge and rinse thoroughly again.

The Iron Powder Remover did not change color after spraying, does it mean it is not working? In fact, the Iron Powder Remover does react with the rust but not necessarily react with the iron powder. Our formula contains "penetrant" that will penetrate through dirt and loosen the iron powder that is stubbornly attached to the surface of the vehicle. Then it can be easily removed after brushing and rinsing. The Iron Powder Remover may not completely remove the iron powder from the car at one time, and it may need to be treated multiple times according to the severity of the rust.

Please Note:

1. Do not use this product under the sun or at high temperature. Direct sun or high temperature will quickly dry up the remover which in turn will cause excessive corrosion and damage to the painted surface.

2. Pay attention to the temperature of the sheet metal when using the product, especially when uses it on the hood. Do not spray this solution immediately after the engine is off.  Wait for the hood to cool before using it.

There are many high-concentration iron powder removers on the market that allow consumers to formulate their own proportions. Our product does not require diluting nor do we recommend dilution. There have been many controversies in self-dispensing. All iron powder removers contain corrosive or solvent agents.  Too thin a dilution ratio will lose the effect.  Too thick a dilution ratio raises the concern the remover may hurt the paint.